5 Reasons to Move to Austin

Texas has its share of amazing cities and towns, but Austin is by most accounts one of the best. Home to 950,000 people, the state capital is a haven for friendly people, country music, and delicious BBQ. But, Austin also has amazing homes and great real estate prices to match. Take a look at five additional reasons to make the move to Austin and get one step closer to your real estate closing austin tx!

1.    It’s a Boomtown: Austin was ranked as the #1 ‘boomtown’ in 2018. It’s a city that has more than 150 new residents move in each day, as well as ranks as the #1 city for job seekers and #1 in best cities for jobs.

2.    Friendly Town: If you’ve never met a stranger, you’ll fit in perfectly as an Austin resident. Friendly residents fill Austin, always ready to lend a helping hand or if nothing else, a friendly hello.

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3.    Quality of Life: One of the most important factors in your home purchase is quality of life. If you don’t enjoy your life, then it’s pretty difficult to be happy. In Austin, that’s not a concern. The city ranks #1 for quality of life and offers an abundance of enjoyable activities sure to fulfil your needs.

4.    Outdoor Fun: As a resident of Austin, sitting in the house is never ideal because so much is outside to see, explore, and enjoy. Austin is a family-friendly city with lots of green space, parks, hiking trails, lakes, and other fun for outdoor enjoyment.

5.    Amazing Homes: You’ll find homes in all sizes available in Austin. Average median price for a two-bedroom home is about $183,334, though homes priced both higher and lower than this amount are available.

There are many reasons to move to Austin, including the five listed here. It is time to pack your bags and head to Austin like so many others?